Tuition Testimonials

“I have been enjoying taking lessons with Rob for just over a year now, and have learned more in the year than I had in the previous ten playing guitar. Rob is a highly professional, friendly tutor, with a wide range of teaching ability across technique and style. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rob to any player seeking to learn or improve their playing. He has tailored my lessons to suit my areas of interest and aspects I wished to improve upon (with incredible amounts of patience in doing so!). An excellent teacher.”

“Robins lessons are really fun as you get to experience learning about the features of the guitar and how to play it. He is an amazing guitarist with loads of experience and will teach you famous rock riffs such as Enter Sandman and Back in Black. Just recently, my little sister has started lessons and she is really enjoying them too!”

“Owen is thoroughly enjoying his guitar lessons with Robin which are given in a fun, yet informative and structured manner. He particularly enjoys the fact that he can suggest songs that he’d like to learn and Robin is only too happy to teach him how to play them! My daughter’s been on a waiting list for a little while and has recently begun lessons as well – she too is really enjoying them!”
Michelle (Owen’s Mum)

“My son has studied with Robin for two years. His love and enthusiasm for the guitar has been nurtured and developed by Robin, with lessons always tailored to the music that my son loves to play – even if he’s never heard it before! Having my house filled with the sound of the guitar being played well is a constant source of joy. It is genuinely a delight to follow the progress Robin is helping my son make.”

“I have had the pleasure of being taught by Robin over many years. I started lessons in secondary school and then restarted privately a few years ago in order to advance my techniques and to continue gaining musical knowledge. He has always made lessons fun and informative and I would highly recommend his tuition for any age, level and genre.”

The best teacher around! Friendly, hugely knowledgeable and a brilliant communicator and player.
Iain Strachan

“My 17yr old daughter has studied guitar with Robin for the past 4 years. In this time, she has progressed from beginner to  SQA Advanced Higher Music with guitar as one of her instruments.  Robin’s knowledge, experience, teaching and professionalism are outstanding but I have also been impressed by the way in which he conveys his love of music and guitar to his students.  This has had a huge impact on my daughter’ enthusiasm and motivation. Marnie has also benefitted from participating in the concerts and Rock School events which Robin organises. These have been a great opportunity for her to meet and collaborate with fellow musicians and perform to an audience. Robin has high expectations of his students and instils the importance of commitment and practice which will stand them in good stead in all walks of life. I have been delighted to recommend Robin to friends seeking guitar tuition, confident in the knowledge that he is providing an exceptional standard of instruction.”

“Still learning. I can honestly say that every lesson with Robin brings something new. And even when I think ‘I’m never  going to get this’, Robin’s skill, enthusiasm, encouragement and good humour (boy does he need it) keeps me coming back for more.”
“mature” student

“The tuition and coaching I have received from Robin over the last year has taught me more about the guitar than I have learned in over 20 years of self tuition. As a result, my playing ability and confidence has increased tenfold. Rob is an excellent teacher who can explain the most difficult practical techniques and musical concepts and still leave you smiling at the end of the lesson. He tailors the lessons to my abilities and interests and best of all he makes them fun and interesting. He is very supportive and encouraging and I feel that I am now playing better than I ever imagined possible.”

“This is a  teacher who really knows his stuff!  Robin prepared my son for his Higher and Advanced higher in Bass |Guitar with most successful results. Robin has a thorough knowledge of the requirements for SQA exams at every level and combines high standards of technique and musicianship with a friendly, positive approach. Every lesson was looked forward to and enjoyed. Can’t ask for more!”

“I’ve been taking lessons with Robin for around a year now and have found him to be an ideal teacher for me. I’d been self taught, had picked up bad habits along the way and I wasn’t really sure where to go next with my playing.  Robin identified where my technique could improve and this has lead to an very quick improvement in the tone and the timing of my playing. The lessons I’ve had with him have covered specific tunes as well as areas of technique and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every lesson, Robin is always enthusiastic and I am playing more and having more fun playing than I had before starting taking lessons. Definitely time well spent!”

“Robin is a great teacher. He understands what I’ve being learning at school and what I need from my lessons. Robin makes the lessons interesting by giving a good variety of material to learn and play around with. I feel I have improved a lot since coming to Robin. He is patient and relaxed and encourages me with my guitar playing. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who has  a passion to play the guitar.”

“I started guitar lessons with Robin to refresh my rhythm guitar playing skills as I’d not played guitar for a while – not only is my rhythm guitar playing much better than it was before, I now play lead guitar as well – something I never thought I’d be able to do!  Robin is a brilliant guitar teacher and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants to progress their guitar skills!”


“After being stuck in a rut with my playing  over several years and seriously considering hanging up the guitar for good, Robin has helped me find a new enthusiasm and direction for the blues. Although I have only had a few weeks of lessons my technique has improved dramatically and I feel I have left that particular Sargasso sea behind at last.”

“Robin is a great teacher, always encouraging, even when you haven’t done much between lessons.  He gives you what you want just when you need it.  He has a very flexible approach responding to your progress and guiding you to kind of music that brought you there in the first place.  Thanks to Robin I’m on the verge of achieving one of my lifetime goals” 

“I’ve been learning Jazz guitar with Robin for a round a year and he has really opened my eyes to a plethora of players and techniques. He has given me wonderful insight into this style – love his albums too!!!”

“Robin has been teaching my son now for 3 years and he is just a great teacher -full of enthusiasm and patience. He really has made a difference!”

If you’re looking for a great teacher who knows his stuff and is approachable, friendly, relaxed and genuinely interested in teaching guitar, Robin’s your man!

Robin is clearly a great player himself (although very modest!) who is totally passionate about music and guitars – exactly what I was looking for. Robin clearly knows his instrument inside out but don’t let that intimidate you – he has a natural ability to explain things clearly in digestible chunks – a bit like building blocks to improve your playing. He is friendly and relaxed and quickly assesses where you’re at and what you need. I recently started lessons with him after playing guitar for a while and he’s totally helped me to re-focus and my playing has improved already. 

If you can already play but suffer from confidence issues, Robin can help with that too. He understands many of the barriers to playing in public and playing live and can help you to overcome all that to get the most out of your playing. So you can get out there and do something with what you’ve learnt, if you want to of course.

Far from being a chore, I look forward to my lessons and to learning from Robin’s vast expertise and interesting perspective. Open-minded and friendly, he can teach all ages and stages. Highly recommended!