Tuition Testimonials

Learning with Robin for 2 years – and he has been inspirational. He has supported me to forge my own path in my learning and has helped me to become a better player in all areas he is a brilliant teacher I always leave lessons with a smile on my face and wanting to practise more.

Robin is an outstanding guitar teacher. His enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. He is encouraging, patient and friendly, which means lessons are always enjoyable and you learn a lot.  His wealth of musical experience, playing in various bands across many genres and with classical training to boot, makes him a musician that you can have real faith in.

I am a ‘mature student’ and had been playing self-taught acoustic guitar since I was 14. I had a good enough ear to build up a folk/blues based repertoire based on listening to albums and tapes. I also used open tunings, which gave me access to quite a number of guitar instrumentals. However the downside of this was the musical equivalent of learning to drive on a farm, no offence intended!
Robin took me on several years ago and patiently helped me unpick my homespun techniques. He began from where I was at, and we worked through a wide range of styles appropriate to my ability, from Chet Atkins through basic classical and jazz to latin which is where we are at now. Through Robin’s patient tuition I developed the classical guitar position and in particular improved my right hand technique markedly. It is immediately clear that he is a superb guitarist across a wide variety of styles.
Robin is a highly knowledgeable musician and communicator, skills which befit a great teacher. I appreciate the variety of pace that he uses in lessons – he is blessed with endless patience and reads the situation well when some new pieces can be difficult for me. I feel very happy and fortunate to have such a teacher as Robin.


Robin has worked some strange magic to lift my fingerstyle guitar playing to a level I never thought I’d reach (Steve Howe: ‘The Clap’… really?!).  His teaching style is relaxed but I always come away having learned something new, been challenged and feeling inspired.  All boxes ticked!


I’ve now been taught by Robin for four years and have progressed to a level I never imagined possible on guitar. Every lesson is a new challenge: learning a brand new piece, new styles, new techniques and theory all rolled into the lesson! One thing for sure is that Robin will always make you come out of your lesson with a huge buzz and enthusiasm for playing more guitar.


Robin is a dedicated and inspiring guitar tutor who brings his experience as an academic and a performing and recording musician to his lessons. The lessons are always enjoyable and stimulating, and I feel my musical understanding and musicianship have developed steadily with his enthusiastic and confidence building guidance. I would thoroughly commend Robin to anyone looking for expert guitar tuition.

“For the past few months Robin has been taking the time to go over sight reading and jazz theory with myself which has always been something I’ve struggled with, but due to Robins teaching and patience I’ve already found myself quickly progressing which I am really pleased with.”